"Que viva la música" new film directed by Carlos Moreno.

The excited film directed by Carlos Moreno, will be released on October 29th in theaters. Moreno has directed 'Perro come perro', 'Todos tus muertos' and 'El cartel de los sapos'. Start by Paulina Dávila as  Maria del Carmen, Christian Tappan Ruffian as Don Nelson Camayo in the role of Barbarian.

The film portrays the loss of innocence into the world of party drugs and a privileged teenagers in Cali. Talk of the approach of Maria del Carmen, with street music, dancing and experimenting with the senses, where freedom and experimentation is paramount in this search for identity.

"Que viva la música" come to Colombia after its world premiere at the New Frontier (¡Nueva Frontera) at the prestigious Sundance Festival in January, according to the president and founder of the festival, the actor and director Robert Redford, "is our mision as festival and institute to support and present films of artists who take risks, who are innovative, and lead to cross limits in how they tell stories." The film also received the award for Best Latin American Photography in XXX International Film Festival in Guadalajara, Mexico.

The film was shot in Cali, in various places like Jamundí and Pance River, and included eleven scenes of dance, filmed in shelters sauce as the Nellyteka, La Matraca, La Bodega Cuban, The Trickle Antillean Balneario Piedragrande, and Lulu's Latino.