What it’s really like being a music supervisor? The job of a music supervisor can encompass lots of different things, and every project is different. The music supervisor on a film or TV show is responsible for pulling the soundtrack together within budget and schedule, and finding the best way to do this creatively. This means collaborating with directors and producers to find the right songs, licensing them, co-ordinating any on-screen music and musicians, finding a score composer, putting together music personnel such as orchestrators and music editors, organising recording sessions and everything in between.

The process: Each project works differently so [the process] depends what’s needed and when I’m brought on to a project. Usually the editors and directors will have temped music on to a show during the editing process, and I’ll come in and work with the director and producers, so clearing any tracks that really work and finding alternatives for tracks that don’t or that we can’t afford.

Lynn Fainchtein is a music supervisor. She has taken her musical experience to a wide range of media, which includes cinema, television, radio and investigative journalism. 

On film, she has worked as music supervisor in quite a few film projects. Her most recent work in Alfonso Cuaron's ROMA received wide acclaim, as well as her award-winning contributions to Alejandro G. Iñarritu's filmography, including Birdman, The Revenant and going all the way back to Amores Perros

Other music supervision collaborations in films include Maria Full of Grace, J.C. Chávez, Déficit, Arráncame la Vida, Precious, On the Road and The Butler. 

On TV, she has worked in Capadocia, Club de Cuervos, Dark, Jinn, Aqui en la Tierra, The Rain, Luis Miguel: La Serie, Sr. Ávila, La Casa de las Flores, Elite and The Protector. 

As producer, she has developed renowned social-driven films such as Hecho en México and 0.56%, as well as innovative animation projects like El Santos vs La Tetona Mendoza and Trypto. 

In 2015, Lynn was nominated for a GMS Award for Best Music Supervision in Birdman, and in 2018, she was nominated for a HMMA Award for Outstanding Music Supervision in Roma.


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