Music is our passion and our craft. Our job is to propose music that complements the narrative and emotion of a story.



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  • Musical project coordination.

  • Script musical break down and music spotting.

  • Creative selection and musical recommendations for specific scenes.

  • Bespoke music propositions within a specific budget and time frame.

  • Negotiation and clearance of music rights through tailor-made licenses.

  • Score composer proposal.

  • Invoice and payment management.

  • Coordination of production, orchestration and composition teams.

  • Selection of songs, pre-production and coordination of the music performers for live scenes.

  • Cue sheet elaboration.

  • Soundtrack development, production and digital distribution through Casete Upload. 

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Lynn Fainchtein

Federico Martínez

Ignacio Burgoa

Ofi: (+52) 55 5211 8002