Variety has made an excellent review of “Captive” protagonized by Kate Mara and David Oyelowo.

The film expert of Variety Magazine, Geoff Berkshire truly believe the combination of a story based on faith mixed with crime was impeccable. Variety: "True crime and Christian filmmaking collide with more subtlety than either genre is typically known for in “Captive.” Sturdy performances from stars David Oyelowo, as a killer on the run, and Kate Mara, as his meth-addict hostage discovering a sense of purpose in her life, help to temper any temptations toward hysteria or preachiness and elevate what otherwise would have been standard movie-of-the-week fare 20 years ago. And yet by choosing not to force-feed any explicitly religious messaging, veteran TV helmer Jerry Jameson’s intimate thriller may sacrifice some commercial appeal with finicky faith-based auds.”

"Captive" was music supervised by Lynn Fainchtein and directed by Jerry Jameson. The film was released on theaters on september 18th and already sold over 1,6 million.

Variety: "That detail alone could have easily resulted in a feature-length ad for either Warren’s book or his Christian-based philosophy, but somehow “Captive” dodges the proselytizing point of view of so many faith-based films to tell a more nuanced and universal story of two broken people forming an unlikely connection."

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