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As the premiere of “The 33″ approaches, its second trailer is revealed

As its premiere date approaches, The 33 reveals new images of what it’s meant to be one of the biggest releases this season: a second trailer from the new movie by the Mexican … Continue reading

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Love the fashion, feel the music on the new commercials by Palacio del Hierro

“There are no second chances for a first impression”: and that’s why “You Really Got Me” by The Kinks is the best option to catch the audience’s attention at first sight (or … Continue reading

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Ruido Rosa sets on fire a new campaign by T – Mobile

T – Mobile has a new slogan, and we worked to make it sound out and loud: we are done with absurd rules and the best way of saying that is … Continue reading

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“Dios Inc.” will be the next and polemic production to be aired on HBO

Salvador Pereyra is a philosopher willing to publish a book that could lead him to a Nobel Peace Prize; but soon he will discover that an evil group called Indra’s Sons has stolen the … Continue reading

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Danny Glover and Maya Rudolph will star on Diego Luna’s “Mr. Pig”

“’Mr. Pig‘ is a beautiful road movie, and a chance to talk about love for Mexico through the eyes of an American”: that’s Pablo Cruz, Mr. Pig producer, defining the next project by Diego … Continue reading

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“The 33″, with Antonio Banderas, reveals its first and moving trailer

“The only way in, and the only way out”: that was the trap that stuck 33 miners in a Chilean mine at San José, 700 meters under the surface, during … Continue reading

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“Birdman” wins the Oscar Academy Award as Best Picture, Best Screenplay and Best Director for González – Iñárritu

Birdman has finally ended its voyage all through the festivals and awards journey: and it’s done with the best possible news. An Academy Award as Best Picture, Best Original Screenplay and Best Director for Alejandro González … Continue reading

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Mexican Institute of Sound, Amandititita and Mariachi El Bronx on “Lucha Libre Underground” TV program by Robert Rodríguez

Robert Rodríguez is a powerful defender of Latino culture in the United States: and as he has done with many movies, now he continues promoting the sounds “south of the border” … Continue reading

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“La Dictadura Perfecta” reports Mexican corruption on the big screen

The infamous statement from Mario Vargas Llosa to Octavio Paz, going live on the biggest TV channel in Mexico, is today the one to title Luis Estrada new movie: La Dictadura Perfecta (The Perfect Dictatorship) is about to … Continue reading

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Martin Solveig “Hey Now” gives the musical vibe to Jumex’s new commercial

As fresh as the new Jumex drink: this is the sound from Martin Solveig‘s Hey Now, the song selected by the popular refresher’s brand for its summer campaign. Full of color and bright animations, … Continue reading

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Mexico City is the perfect set for “Sr. Ávila” second season, to be broadcasted by HBO

If “Sr. Ávila” wants to remain at the top of the hit men, he will have to pay even a higher price on this season; the second one, that will … Continue reading

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Cecilia Suárez and Luis Gerardo Méndez, together again in Manolo Caro’s “Elvira”

Elvira is a desperate woman, searching for her husband who went shopping one day and never came back; this is the start point for Elvira, te daría mi vida pero la … Continue reading

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“Mind Puppets”, a thriller about the dangers of hypnosis, ends its shootage

Written and directed by the mexican filmmaker Juan Curi, Mind Puppets is the story about a hypnotist whose stage act is to give contrasting personalities to his audience members: but during … Continue reading

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New production, same shivers: “Más negro que la noche” comes back in 3D

A whole mexican generation grew up terrified by Enrique Taboada‘s terror films: a tetralogy that went from Hasta el viento tiene miedo (1968) to Veneno para las hadas (1984). Now, the actor and producer José María … Continue reading

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Diego Luna wins prize at SxSW for “César Chávez”

Mexican filmmaker Diego Luna won the audience award at the Narrative Spotlight section at SxSW Music and Film Festival with his new film, César Chávez, that was premiered at Berlin Film Festival’s official section; the 64th edition of … Continue reading

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