"Dios Inc." will be the next and polemic production to be aired on HBO


Salvador Pereyra is a philosopher willing to publish a book that could lead him to a Nobel Peace Prize; but soon he will discover that an evil group called Indra's Sons has stolen the book in order to change its meanings and use it to build a destructive sect. This is the starting point for Dios Inc., the new series for HBO Latin America that has been recorded on Mexico City and Baja California, and will start airing on November 2015 under the production of Itaca Films and Lynn Fainchtein's music supervision. After the huge successes of Capadocia and Sr. Ávila (this one, also with Fainchtein's work), the popular TV network bets again for an original content with a moving and polemic plot.

Watch here an interview with Sergio SánchezDios Inc. director.