"La Dictadura Perfecta" reports Mexican corruption on the big screen


The infamous statement from Mario Vargas Llosa to Octavio Paz, going live on the biggest TV channel in Mexico, is today the one to title Luis Estrada new movie: La Dictadura Perfecta (The Perfect Dictatorship) is about to be released this August 16th. A president who's in charge thanks to the help of the biggest media emporium of the country gets in trouble once again, so his position is weak; missing girls, video scandals and promoted debates on prime time are the arguments that Estrada uses to project a futuristic exercise, where there is a huge question on the air: "TV already chose a president... will it do it again?"

Watch the official trailer here.

Cast: Damián Alcazar, Joaquín Cosío, Osvaldo Benavides, Alfonso Herrera, Tony Dalton, Sylvia Navarro, Saúl Lisazo and Arath de la Torre.

Music supervision: Lynn Fainchtein