"Mind Puppets", a thriller about the dangers of hypnosis, ends its shootage


Written and directed by the mexican filmmaker Juan Curi, Mind Puppets is the story about a hypnotist whose stage act is to give contrasting personalities to his audience members: but during one of his shows, after hypnotizing ten "victims", he suffers a stroke and falls into a coma. The question is, then: how are these people supposed to come back to their normal lives? Produced by AG Studios (with offices at Mexico, Los Angeles, Brazil and Colombia), this comedy thriller will be shooted at New Orleans, and is currently on cast process and preproduction.


Director: Juan Curi

Cast: Yvonne Zima (Iron Man 3), Josh Zuckerman (Austin Powers in Goldmember). Pippa Black (Outsourced) and Christopher von Uckermann (Kdabra), photo.

Music supervision: Lynn Fainchtein