New production, same shivers: "Más negro que la noche" comes back in 3D


A whole mexican generation grew up terrified by Enrique Taboada's terror films: a tetralogy that went from Hasta el viento tiene miedo (1968) to Veneno para las hadas (1984). Now, the actor and producer José María Torre is working a new version of one of this classic films, Más negro que la noche. This horror gothic story is starred by Adriana Louvier, who will play the role that Susana Dosamantes had in the original production; the director talked about the movie at the Riviera Maya Film Festival, showing all the complications related to a 3D shooting. The movie was filmed in a mansion at Colonia Florida, in southern Mexico City, and part of the crew assured to have felt strange presences in the house: the film will premiere on September and it promises to terrorize the new audiences as much as the original production did with their parents.


Director: José María Torre

Cast: Adriana Louvier, Zuria Vega, José María Torre, Miguel Rodarte

Music supervision: Lynn Fainchtein