Miss Bala (2011)


Director: Gerardo Naranjo


“I would like to think that the movie could be a cry to say this is the end of this sense of stepping over the other, which has gotten to such a degree in Mexico that we don’t see value in cooperation,” says director Gerardo Naranjo. “We’re a society that’s lost any sense of fraternity. So everyone’s just crossing red lights, and the traffic is stuck.”

Miss Bala isn’t just an attack on violence or corruption, but the way the media represents Mexicans to themselves. “I think every country build an image based on mirrors. You see yourself in a mirror and you know who we are,” he explains. “And I think that’s why we Mexicans are crazy, because our mirrors are so distorted. If the soap opera is the basis of our education, and it is for a lot of people, we have a very distorted image of who we are.”

--Wall Steet Journal