David Oyelowo keeps Kate Mara "Captive" on this true fact - based thriller

Captive is based upon a true story, regarding some events that occurred in Atlanta, Ga., on March 11, 2005: that’s when Brian Nichols, who will be played by David Oyelowo in the movie, broke out of a courthouse jail and shot dead for people: the judge assigned to his case, a court reporter, the sheriff’s deputy and FBI officer. After this, this man took hostage in her own apartment a single mother, who was struggling with a severe meth addiction. Over the course of her ordeal, the woman used a book she had been given, Rick Warren's The Purpose Driven Life, to reason with her captor. The results were astonishingly suprising.


Director: Jerry Jameson

Cast: Kate Mara, Michael K. Williams, Leonor Varela, Mimi Rogers, David Oyelowo

Music supervision: Lynn Fainchtein